Social Media

We can help you build your social media platforms to engage better with your customers. It can be an ongoing arrangement or simply a set up for you to use.


Email Marketing 

We can arrange for a Email Marketing campaign including a Email Subscription service to help you interact with customers and drive sales. We recommend Mail Chimp the worlds leading email marketing platform.


Video & Animation 

We can provide you with Storyboards and Video Animations for use on your website. Storyboards are a great way to project your message to a target audience.


Contract Marketing 

Looking for a long term arrangement? You can employ Intone on a contract basis to provide Marketing Services, Newsletters, Copy, Posts and more on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The objective is always to add value to your bottom line through increased sales and customer engagement.


Feel free to drop us a line to discuss any of your requirements and we will happily provide you with a Project Submission.


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